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Shot Blasting

We provide expert mobile shot blasting services throughout Lincolnshire and the surround counties

Our mobile sand blasting and blast cleaning facility means that we are able offer a flexible approach to meet your requirements. Abrasive blasting more commonly known as Sand Blasting or Shot Blasting is a cost effective method of carefully removing rust, corrosion damage, old paint and dirt leaving the ideal surface to take on new paint application.

Blast cleaning process is suitable for a variety of materials including Timber Brickwork Stone Metal Concrete.

Our fully experienced team have a wealth of knowledge and work to the highest standards. We are fully committed to providing a professional service ensuring that all surfaces can be effectively restored.

There are many names for this abrasive blasting process such as shot blasting, sand blasting, grit blasting and media blasting. All of these involve the same process of forcibly propelling compressed air with a blast media through a hose then a nozzle.

Benefits of shot blasting:


Efficient cleaning of surfaces


Rust and scale removed


Cleaning, preparing, coating and finishing


A trustworthy and reliable service


Agricultural machinery to motorbike components treated


Mobile Shot Blasting unit